Non-Nepalese Work Permit

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Objectives & Vision


Maintaining the implementation of the law, provision and policy related to the labour by creating secured, decent and healthy working environment for the labour force providing new technology and market in accordance with the national manpower to reduce unemployment.

The main objectives regarding labour are as per given below:

  • To eliminate  unemployment by preparing skilled and competitive manpower in accordace with the national and international labour market.
  • To provide the labour force with safety and healthy working environment in the industrial occupation and informal region
  • The approach of people falling in the criteria of woman, youth, native, madhesi, muslim and war-effected are ensured in the employment.


Reinforcement of national econonic administration and elimination of poverty with the provision of invariance, safety, and healthy working environment by creating employment and self employment opportunities through the expert and skilled manpower capable for the compititive national and international labour market.

Labour Supplier

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Trade Union

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Non-Nepalese Work Permit

Arjun Prasad Bhattarai
Arjun Prasad Bhattarai
Director General
Phone : 01.4790206
Bipin Rajbhandari
Bipin Rajbhandari
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Er. Maninath Gope
Er. Maninath Gope
Technical Director/Spokeperson/Information Officer
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Sita Dawadi
Sita Dawadi
Phone : 01-4790088

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Labour Permit

Pursuant to Chapter 6 of Labour Act, 2074 and Chapter 3 of Labour Rules 2075, work Permit is issues.

Trade Union

Pursuant to section 4 and 5 of Trade Union Act, 2049 and Rules 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 of Trade Union Rules 2050.

Labour Supplier License

Pursuant to Section 59 of Labor Act 2074 and Rule 28 of Labour Rules 2075, the labor suppliers are only permitted